Moss Removal Battle Ground

Moss Removal Battle Ground

Moss Removal

Moss can grow freely if you don’t take action against it. With frequent wet and mild winters and rain year round, conditions in the Northwest are always right for moss growth. While it might look harmless, moss can cause major damage to your roof. The best way to prevent it? Moss removal Battle Ground trusts from Buena Vista Roofing.

Don’t let moss cost you your roof.

Moss causes a range of problems that can quickly damage your roof. These include:

  • Thaw/Freeze – Wet moss expands when it freezes. Drying makes it contract. This cycle can tear whole shingles off a roof.
  • Prying – Moss rhizomes grow underneath individual granules on shingles. This pries them loose and ruins roof protection.
  • Roof Leaks – Moss keeps water from running into gutters. This forces it underneath shingles, and can weaken and rot your roof.
  • Surface Tension Loss – Surface tension makes tar waterproof. Exposed tar dries, loses tension, and stops protecting your home.

With our professional moss removal Battle Ground¬†roofs can remain safe from dangerous moss. Our technicians have the skills and knowledge to work on a variety of roof materials. This allows us to safely remove moss with a wire brush. Amateur moss removal may cause damage, the exact thing it’s meant to prevent.

After moss has been completely removed, a chemical treatment is applied. This provides two unique benefits.

Moss Removal Battle Ground WA
Destroy moss rhizomes – Invisible moss rhizomes that aren’t brush off are destroyed. This prevents re-growth from existing moss.
Prevent moss growth – The treatment inhibits moss growth, so new spores aren’t able to grow on your roof.

After a complete moss removal, Battle Ground roofs often just require spray treatments to stay moss free. There’s no reason to let moss destroy your roof when local, affordable moss removal is so easy. When you want a one two punch that removes moss and protects your roof, call (360) 258-1661 or Contact Us for moss removal today.

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