Moss Removal Vancouver WA

Moss Removal Vancouver WA

Moss Removal

If you don’t take action against it, moss can grow unobstructed. With frequent mild and wet winters and off and on rain the rest of year, conditions are always good for moss growth. While it might not seem like much, moss can cause serious damage to your roof. The best way to stop it? Moss removal Vancouver, WA trusts from Buena Vista Roofing.

Don’t let moss bully your roof.

There are a number of problems moss causes that can seriously harm your roof. These include:

  • Thaw/Freeze – Moss soaks up water and swells. Freezing expands it. Drying shrinks it. This cycle can rip off whole shingles.
  • Prying – Moss rhizomes grow beneath the granules on shingles. This can push them up and ruin your roof’s protective barriers.
  • Roof Leaks – Moss stops water from running into gutters and pools it beneath shingles. This can lead to extensive leaks and rot.
  • Surface Tension Loss – When tar dries out it loses surface tension and can no longer repel water.

Protect your Roof with Moss Removal!

Expert Moss Removal Vancouver WA
With our professional moss removal, Vancouver, WA roofs can stay safe from the dangers of moss. Our roofing technicians have extensive experience working on a variety of roof types. This allows us to carefully remove moss using a wire brush. Amateur moss removal can frequently lead to damage, causing the very thing you want to prevent.

Once the moss has been removed we apply a chemical treatment. This provides two different benefits.

Destroy moss rhizomes– Smaller moss rhizomes that are invisible to the naked eye are destroyed. This keeps moss from re-growing.
Prevent moss growth – The treatment also acts as an inhibitor, preventing moss from returning.

After a complete moss removal, Vancouver, WA roofs often just need semi-regular spray treatments to maintain their condition. There’s no reason to let moss damage your roof when affordable, local moss removal is just a phone call away. When you want a one two punch that knocks out moss, call (360) 258-1661 or Contact Us for moss removal today.

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